SC Senate District 12
Make your plan to vote!

Find your voting location and see your sample ballot.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 3rd!

We encourage everyone to make a plan to vote! Decide now whether you want to receive a ballot in the mail, vote in-person absentee beginning October 5th or go to your polling place on Election Day – November 3rd. This information may help you with your plan to be safe while voting!

Register to Vote

All registered voters are eligible to vote in this election.

Deadline to register in person – October 2nd

Deadline to register online – October 4th

Deadline to register by mail – October 5th

Vote In-Person ‘Absentee’ Oct. 5th – Nov. 2nd

All registered voters can vote in-person ‘absentee’ for this election at these locations:

Spartanburg County Voters

Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium
385 N Church Street, Spartanburg 29303
Lower level — enter through the doors on the left side.

Spartanburg County Voter Registration & Elections Office

Greenville County Voters

County Square
301 University Ridge, Suite 1900, Greenville 29601
Look for directional signs for where to vote when you enter the square.

Additional Greenville County satellite in-person ‘absentee’ voting locations beginning October 12 – 30. Monday – Friday from 9:00am – 4:30pm

Simpsonville Activity and Senior Center
310 West Curtis Street, Simpsonville 29681

Mt. Pleasant Community Center (Annex building)
710 South Fairfield Rd, Greenville 29605

Travelers Rest
Renfrew Baptist Church
951 Greer Hwy, Travelers Rest 29690

Tryon Recreation Center
226 Oakland Ave. Greer 29650

Greenville County Voter Registration & Elections Office

How to Vote Using South Carolina’s
New Voting Machines

This helpful video explains how to use the new machine. All screens will be disinfected before and after each voter.

These are the procedures you will follow:

All screens will be disinfected before each voter votes.

When you check-in to vote, the poll manager will ask for your photo ID and ask you to verify your home address (your ID does not need to show your current address).

A poll manager will give you a blank piece of paper to insert into the machine when you vote.

A poll worker will go to the machine with you and select the ballot for your districts (voters in different districts or areas have different ballots).

Insert the blank paper into the machine, with the cut corner inserted first.

Vote for the candidates of your choice the same way you voted on machines in the past, by pressing the box next to the candidate’s name, or the straight party if you choose.

If you vote for the party selection at the beginning of your ballot, you may change your vote for any individual candidate.

There will be several screens to move through in order to voter your entire ballot. When you have voted on the screen you see, press NEXT at the bottom of the screen to move on to the next candidates.

At the end of the ballot, you will have a chance to review all the selections you have made. (You are not required to vote in every election, but make sure that you have voted in every race you care to). If you want to vote in an election you have skipped or want to change your vote, press that box, and you will return to that election screen. Make your selection and press NEXT.

After reviewing your candidate selections, press NEXT. You will now press the PRINT CARD box, and your printed ballot will come out of the machine, but you ARE NOT FINISHED voting!

When your card is printed, make sure that the candidates you want to vote for are listed on the card. If you need to change your vote, or you believe that you should have been able to vote in another district, contact the poll manager now.

Take your card to the scanner (vote counting machine) and insert it where you see the green arrow. It does not matter which way you insert your ballot, but we suggest placing it with the printed side down, and the corner cut end inserted first.

If at any time you believe that you have been given the wrong ballot, let the poll manager know as soon as possible, before you insert the printed ballot into the scanner.

Voting by Mail

Absentee ballots that are mailed in, or hand delivered, must have a witness signature on them. Anyone, including a spouse, friend or a child, can witness and sign the voter mail-in envelope. Please make sure you have a witness sign your absentee ballot before you mail or hand deliver it. Your vote counts! 

*Ballots cast before the Oct. 5th Supreme Court ruling and received within two days (October 7th) of this order may not be rejected for failing to comply with the witness requirement.

You must first complete an application for an absentee ballot, which can be requested online, by phone, or email.

Mail-In Ballots will be Sent Beginning Oct. 5

Look over your ballot as soon as you receive it, make sure you understand it and believe it to be the correct ballot.

When completing your ballot, carefully mark each candidate or party you vote for. Take your time, don’t rush.

You must sign the voter’s oath signature line at the bottom of your ballot.

Check your absentee ballot status here.

Hand Delivering
Your Ballot

You may hand deliver your completed ballot to your County Election Commission.

Ballots must be returned to your County Election Commission office by 7:00pm on November 3.

You may designate another person to hand deliver your ballot. You and the delivery person must fill in an and sign an Authorization to Return Absentee Ballot form, found here.

Ballots must be returned to your County Election Commission office by 7:00pm on November 3.

Spartanburg County Voter Registration & Elections Office

(Open 8:30-5:00 M-F)
366 N Church Street
Lower Level, Suite 1630
Spartanburg, SC 29303

Mailing Address:
PO Box 1287
Spartanburg, SC 29304

Greenville County Voter Registration & Elections Office

301 University Ridge
Suite 1900
Greenville, SC 29601

Vounteer to be
a Poll Worker

You can also help other people to vote if you are at least 16 years old by being a paid or volunteer poll manager or assistant.