Join us to improve the health, well-being, and opportunities of all the people of South Carolina.

Physician • Mom • Community Advocate

Candidate for SC Senate District 12.

It’s time for South Carolina to shine. Let’s do this together.

I am an OB/GYN, a mother of 4, a professor, and a community leader — my life’s work has been building a stronger, healthier community, one person at a time.

I hear first-hand the struggles of my patients and their families. I know access to healthcare, the quality of education, economic opportunity, and safety affect the health of a family and community far more than anything I can do at the hospital or around my kitchen table. Decisions about these fundamental needs are made at the statehouse, and impact each of our lives every single day.

We need a leader in Columbia who will stand up for the citizens of our district and remember the faces of our families when determining which laws to create, support, and enact. My dedication as a community and church leader, my work teaching future doctors and advocating for my patients, my public health advocacy, life as a working parent of four kids, and spouse of a busy family practice physician have made me ready to lead South Carolina towards a healthier and more secure future. I am determined to improve the health and prosperity of South Carolina.

I make tough decisions every day in my front-line medical experience. Now, more than ever, we know public health and public policy are linked to the health of our economy, and this is a critical time when the health of every South Carolinian is at stake. I will be the only physician in the SC Senate if elected, and I know my expertise in health policy and advocacy will be vital as we move forward.

Please join us! Together, we can improve the health, well-being, and opportunities of ALL the people of South Carolina and deliver results to improve the quality of life for the citizens of District 12!


Dr. Dawn Bingham

Map of South Carolina’s State Senate District 12

If you live within these boundaries, you can vote for Dr. Dawn Bingham.

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